The Highest Building in Europe are in Moscow

That's what happens in the near future, Federation Tower now under construction in Moscow. This building will reach a height of 506 meters when completed in the coming year, 2013. A complex of skyscrapers being built in Moscow on the 13th lot of the Moscow International Business Center in Moscow, Russia.

Moscow city is always in the news, special city on the continent of blue, the capital of Russia's claims to be the city with the tallest building in Europe at the same time defeating claims the tallest building in Europe who are in London, England. The building will accommodate offices, hotel suites and apartments, three covered sky bridges between the East and West towers will house restaurants and cafes. (Wikipedia)

Federation Tower Building was conceived by Sergei Choban and Peter Schweger have begun preparations tower construction in 2003.

While Mercury City buildings, which owns office buildings and apartments that will reach a height of 338 meters were built by Emporis.

Mercury City Tower is a glass-walled building copper color has become the tallest building in Europe in September, though still under construction. Mercury City beat Shard building in London rose to 310 meters.

But with the construction of Federation Tower is certainly the height of the building would exceed the Mercury City, it is interesting to see the competition to build tallest buildings in Europe. Though known today as the highest building is now held by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with 828 meters high, two times higher than the Mercury City.

Do we have the desire to visit these spectacular places? Of course, prepare your vacation plans. Always lots of possibilities available in the future.

(Source AP, Wikipedia, Kompas /Image wikipedia)


  1. Dear Sir or Madam,

    this post contains the incorrect information regarding Mercury City Tower. First, it is a single building, not a few buildings, and second, it is being constructed by Mercury Development Group. Emporis is a German analytic company that stated Mercuty City Tower is the tallest building in Europe (october 2012). Please correct your post if possible. Thanks in advance!

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  2. Thank you for the correction, Miss Julia.

    I got the information through articles from several sources, but we will continue to pay attention, so it gets more correct information.

    Best Regards.

    I apologize, because just seeing this notification comment. (after 4 yrs)


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