Russian tourists prefer flights charter to Bali

Russian tourists are increasingly visiting Bali, and they look prefers to use charter aircraft in the course of the tour in the years to come, 2013.

It is delivered by practitioners of the tourism industry in Bali, Gilda Sagrado, in Denpasar on Friday, November 16, 2012, based on the schedule of the arrival of Russian tourists can be seen from the planned arrival of 115 Russian charter plane direct to Bali during October 2012 to March 2013.

The use of charter aircraft shows the class of the tourists who come, of course, the deep pockets. Not just anyone can visit the island of Bali using a chartered plane.

The tourists should have to spend big to get to Bali by using aircraft. Because the price of aircraft rental is very expensive, especially their stayed long enough.

"The average rating of the upper class was on holiday to Bali by spending time over two weeks," he said.

A chartered plane carrying about 230 passengers, for a round trip. In general, while this is going upscale tourist arrivals increased so luxury tour packages more attractive.

The tendency of tourists to enjoy luxury travel packages increases, it is seen from the arrival of foreign tourists, ranging from Europe to Asia, for example, travelers from China now many who stay in luxury hotels in Bali, even though they stay only for the not too long.

(Source Antara, travelKompas, Ni Kadek R Riyanti - Sanur /Image Sonny Wisaksono)


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