Do not Quarrel When Traveling

Have you ever experienced when traveling with the family? May occur in a variety of unexpected situations, because each family member has their own desires. One wanted to come here and another one wants to a more distant.

Of course, it would be interesting if one day happen, right? There was a survey in the United Kingdom conducted by site can give us some idea about it.

Citing news contained in the Telegraph Travel, to 1.234 parents who were the tourists respondents, acquired things related fights are common when traveling.

As many as 69 percent of respondents said that their family quarrel over the holidays. And even more surprising about their answer, the quarrel had started at the first 25 minutes just when they start a vacation.

Some common causes such as:

1. In a hurry to catch a plane because of late (> 50 percent). Which can occur in one parent or may be on their children.

2. Forgetting something (42 percent).

3. The pressure of having to spend time together constantly (36 percent). And maybe there is one family member wants to go to a place of interest, or would like to go to a souvenir shop and others.

4. Disagreement over the activity to be performed (28 percent).

5. There's no agreement when going to eat, where to go (23 percent).

What if this happens to your family, I hope you can find a way out that more flexible. Vacations are supposed to bring excitement with the whole family!

(Source Telegraph, travelKompas /Image Juanita Elizabeth Sitompul)


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