Popular Shopping Destinations in Asia

Approximately one-third of the Asian respondents surveyed by Cimigo, about their interests and shopping destination in a destination tourist sites said that they had visited Hong Kong last year, 2011.

The fact of the report shows the cities in Asia are favored for shopping, made to the 1.034 consumers from Asia.

Citing news posted by the CNNGo website about this survey report, further that tourists have to know the specifics of their destination city.

"Travelers from Asia tend to travel close to home when it comes to shopping and they want to visit a place that has a quality product indeed they already trust, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Jepan, or when they believe can get a good deal, such as in Dubai and India," said Daisy Sam, General Manager Cimigo China.

Of these about 40 per cent of respondents again mentioned that Hong Kong was the city of their favorite shopping destinations.

They did not hesitate to spend money on them, even more than two-thirds said that next year they already have more plans to seek other shopping destinations and increase spending, of course.

But they are also quite careful to choose Australia and New Zealand as a major destination, as suitable to relax and see the sights.

Then from where they got the information about tourism? As many as 85 percent of their search for information through the websites to get ideas of travel destinations, and about 62 percent said they obtained from the countries official state tourism agency they are headed.

The survey become interesting, because it can feed into the official tourism agencies and non-governmental parties.

(Source CNNGo, travelKompas /Image wikipedia)


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