Country travelers that spend a lot of money

Being a tourist, of course there is a sense to use the money freely, tourists are free to shop in a tourist destination.

From a list contained in the reports of the United Nation's tourism World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) recently, noted that tourists from certain countries as 'free' in the use of their money. Predicted world tourist arrivals will reach 1.8 billion in 2030, with countries whose economic growth would be a more popular tourist destination than countries whose their economy is better.

In this case noted, that tourists from Germany is the most tourists spend money when traveling, for tourism in 2012 is running. In 2011, Germany received the title the same as the total spending on tourism reached 84 billion USD.

The following travelers home country included in the rankings are tourists from the United States who spent spending reached 79 billion USD, followed by China at 73 billion USD.

Japanese tourist fell to 9, due to the reduced number of tourists from Japan who travel abroad, after the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

This figure is a prediction of the international tourism market will continue to grow until 2030, with an increasing trend of 3.3 percent per year.

Here's a country with most travelers spend their money (in billion USD):

1. Germany 84.3
2. United States 79.1
3. China 72.6
4. England 50.6
5. France 41.7
6. Canada 33
7. Russia 32.5
8. Italy 28.7
9. Japan 27.2
10. Australia 26.9

(Source CNNGo, travelKompas /Image Lucy Pandjaitan)


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