Become an Ideal Passengers

Almost most of the tourists ever travel to a destination using aircraft type, and experience on the plane becomes an interesting story for them.

Of course, travelers could be a different opinion of the crew, as seen from the opposite side when serving passengers.

A survey of 700 crew members from 85 countries were asked to mention what kind of passenger aircraft ideal for them, after recording an average every day there are three million passengers who travel by air worldwide.

Anyone can have their own opinions, and they found the perfect passengers for the flight crew are men aged in their 30s and came from Europe. Another characteristic is that passengers traveling alone for pleasure and not for business.

What about the taste of passengers? The more ideal is that passengers do not have expensive tastes department or can travel economically. Some respondents prefer passengers traveling for business work.

The survey was conducted by Skyscanner, and they can be more deeply about what they think about the passengers. Male passenger got the perfect title, and see that the crew prefers to serve passengers in economy class.

There is only habit passengers less favored, one-third of the respondents said that passenger behavior to flick their fingers to attract the attention of the flight crew became worst habits.

Included in this is a bad habit of passengers who do not comply with safety signs put up fighting, as most bad habits, carrying 13 percent of respondents gave the answer. Others say that they do not like the passengers forced to include too many bags in the cabin of the aircraft.

There are always ups and downs in a job, including when respondents watched the passengers to put trash in the area around the seat. An interesting survey, whether we become the preferred section or vice versa?

(Source Dailymail, travelKompas /Image A Sekartaji)


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