Delicious Christmas surprise from Michelle Obama at the White House

Christmas is getting closer and Christmas holiday festivities to be one exciting moment for the citizens of the US and of course the White House visitors.

Visitors and tourists who come to The White House in the upcoming holiday season is estimated at more than 90,000 visitors, and have a special surprise in store for them during The Celebration of Christmas, White House visitors get a "tasty surprise".

First Lady Michelle Obama presents special decorations at the White House Christmas celebrations this year, a replica of the White House made of gingerbread 136 kg into the limelight.

Christmas celebrations were held on November 28, 2012 and then, inviting admiration of the audience - mostly large U.S. military families and their children, gingerbread cake dish with detailed structure complete with garden vegetables and a marzipan replica of the United States family's dog number one, Bo.

Christmas decoration theme is "Joy To All", and you will find 40 Bo’s miniature scattered throughout the White House, even available in the same size as the original and "present" in the White House’s miniature.

Michelle Obama said the "presence" of Bo-replica in the size of White House is a symbol of the dog's personality, "He sized for the White House," she said.

What about the visitors and the tourists later? The White House has been preparing all, as said Cristeta Comeford, Executive Chef, the food prepared for the visitors with a recipe that is owned by Mrs. Obama.

Christmas would be nice in there, 54 live Christmas trees decorate the entire area around the White House, which was obtained from the volunteers throughout the country.

And the recipes from First Lady into a delicious dish, sweet potato bread, beans with almonds, and a winter salad with fennel.

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