Nakanoshima, public toilets turned into hotel

Of course you will be surprised, right? But let's see exactly what the background of the place that being accomplished from the public toilet that turned into a hotel with one room.

An artist from Japan, Tatzu Nishi is a person who has an idea, the "Nakanoshima" project.

The idea may be very unique, after he changed into a public toilet rooms that can be rented by the rate of about USD 130. Spacious rooms are about 22 square meters.

Environment where the toilet located in Nakanoshima Park in Osaka, some public toilets is converted into a hotel with one room. Tatzu Nishi take advantage of these changes after a request from an art show in Osaka.

Guests who stay will get a room containing a bathroom with a shower, a comfortable bed, and a sitting area like the family room. Tatzu Nishi of course, a guarantee for prospective guests, as his name could give confidence to them. The fact is that the hotel was fully booked.

Although to give confidence to the hotel guests, the hotel management also warned that only a public toilet converted into a hotel, while the rest are still being used as a public toilet.

Do not be surprised if guests might hear activity behind the thin walls, whether it is going to do anything in there. We do not want to know, isn't it?

There's always an unique idea in this country, the artist also has great ideas including Tatzu Nishi, 52, with his well known works.


Nakanoshima Hotel

Date: Oct 13 - 21, 2012
Place: Rose Garden, Nakanoshima Park
Address: Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan

(Source Dailymail, travelKompas /Images Azito Art)


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