Pilots Asleep on a flight?

It's really a feeling less comfortable future for people who frequently travel to various places in the world, especially for the world traveler who wants to arrive at the destination.

If a time when you are on a flight, there will be a feeling of worry, is not it?

This time, a survey conducted by The European Cockpit Association (ECA) of the approximately 6,000 pilots from eight countries to determine their level of fatigue. More than three out of five pilots from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark reported making mistakes due to fatigue, while in Germany, the same data shows four out of five pilots.

It was astonishing, the survey said a British pilot, Norway, and Sweden. Furthermore, the survey says that four out of ten British pilots claimed they had fallen asleep while behind the cockpit of an airplane.

From the news quoted from Dailymail, the facts say about 43 percent to 54 percent of the pilots from Britain, Norway, and Sweden who were respondents to the survey said they do not accidentally fall asleep while flying an aircraft. When it was flying over controlled by the autopilot.

There are about a third of the pilots said that they also found about the same time, co-pilot, they were also asleep. Why does this happen?

Indeed, the body does not fit the current conditions can interfere with the performance of the pilot (70-80 percent), but admit they are in a condition less than fresh can be viewed negatively by others or fear of employees subject to disciplinary action.

How then the respond of ECA itself? Fatigue conditions among pilots as "a common, dangerous, and a phenomenon wasn't reported in Europe". Of course this is expected to be further attention, tourists certainly hope the better service.

(Source Dailymail, travelKompas /Image Tara - Indoflyer)


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