Shopping Cities in the Travelers’ Opinion

No matter where the tourists go, of course there are always interesting things in their opinion, including in this case the consideration of choosing a liveable city shopping, looking for cities that best suits their desires and needs.

A study released in late October 2012 by the Globe Shopper Index partnered with the Economist Intelligence Unit, Global Blue then compile Globe Shopper Index becomes essential guide for foreign shoppers to find shopping destinations in Europe and Asia Pacific. The assessment is based on five categories: types of places to shop, price, convenience, hotels and transportation, as well as the culture and climate.

An assessment of the price is for example on some products, such as watches and electronic items be interesting, of course.

In some assessments the city ranks fourth after Mumbai and before Osaka. Jakarta also obtain a good assessment as to connect the city and ranks fourth for the number of passengers who landed at the airport each year.

Even then the opinion of foreign tourists who come to Jakarta difficult to find a spot of shopping with a sales person who speaks their language, and the lack of sites and cultural events contribute to a decline in the city's ranking.

Hong Kong tops the most attractive city for foreign shoppers to the Asia Pacific region. This time, Globe Shopper Index expanded by adding 25 cities in the Asia Pacific region to the list of 33 cities in Europe that have been there, and make an assessment based on the experience offered to international shoppers.

The following list of shopping cities in the world:

1. Hongkong
2. Kuala Lumpur
3. Shanghai
4. Beijing
5. Singapore
6. Sydney
7. Bangkok
8. Tokyo
9. Seoul
10. Delhi
11. Manila
12. Taipei
13. Auckland
14. Bangalore
15. Guangzhou
16. Mumbai
17. Jakarta
18. Osaka
19. Ho Chi Minh City
20. Busan
21. Nagoya
22. Colombo
23. Dhaka
24. Karachi
25. Yangon

(Source Global Blue, travelKompas /Image Johan Mudas)


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