Sail Komodo 2013 the event that promoting NTT

Komodo is a rare ancient creatures and island habitat of this rare animal became famous after the dragon was unveiled as one of the New Seven Wonders 2012 ago.

As a continuation of the promotion of tourism in the region, in 2013 soon enlivened by Sail Komodo 2013 activities, of course, aim to promote tourist destinations of NTT (East Nusa Tenggara Province) to all over the world so as to strengthen the potential for increased economic and social welfare.

Another thing being considered by the local government, to preserve natural and cultural potential of NTT and prepare the area as the main destination of world tourism in regional cooperation between the province of Bali, Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara, as presented by Welly Pah, the Head of Public Relations Department NTT Communications and Information in Kupang, early November 2012.

According to Welly Pah, Sail Komodo which will be held from July 27, 2013 date is also useful to improve the knowledge of marine, marine environmental conservation awareness, the ability to optimize the use of marine resources as a source of economic and other people's lives.

After previous success with marine activities such as Sail Morotai, Darwin-Ambon Yacht Race and others, the people in the islands in eastern Indonesia will be more festive with the show Sail Komodo.

The route of Sail Komodo 2013 is Kupang as the entrance to the site visit East Sumba, Central Sumba, West Sumba, West Sumba Power, Nagekeo, Ngada, Ngada, Sikka, Ende and Lembata as well as West Manggarai as the center of Sail Komodo 2013, as well as the new destination such as Atapupu, Wini and Soe.

Maritime event with many people who also depend on water, would be welcomed Sail Komodo interesting harmony with certain special routes.

(Source Antara, Department of Communication and Information NTT /Image Dharmin Dslr - MPPI, Manu Kretyawan)


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