Travel to 12 cities in the year 2013

This is absolutely very special when you become world travelers and have a plan that has been prepared with cooked on an adventure into 12 cities recommended by CNNGo site.

1. January: Norway. Traveled around the country with a cruise ship (or drawn sleigh dogs) witnessing the beauty of the aurora.

Aurora will decorate the sky, the emission of light in the sky caused by sun particles friction with the Earth's ionosphere.

Recommendations tour to see the aurora: in Kirkenes, Tromso, Alta, and Svalbard.

2. February: Brazil. What comes immediately to this city? Carnival in Rio de Janeiro with a festive costume! Crowds of people took to the streets to dance samba with a carefree and full of joy.

Enjoy the bright sun at temperatures average 32 C in Ipanema or Copa Cabana Beach.

3. March: New Zealand. State of the Hobbit as a welcome sound when you arrive at Wellington airport. The best time there in Aukland, New Zealand is in the last 6 to 24 March 2012 when Auckland Arts Festival.

Recommendations advice: March 9 - The Hokitika Wildfoods Festival - festival foods by offering unusual dishes, such as the food of maggots, sheep brains, drink fermented from brambles and wasp larvae ice cream.

The weather is very cold with an average temperature of 20 centigrade per day.

4. April: Thailand. Remember Phuket this month while watching the splendor of Big Buddha statue, 45 meters high, giving a 360 degree panoramic view of Phuket and the Andaman Sea.

Recommendation: You can choose the Banana Beach and coastal resorts like Amanpuri class.

5. May: Japan. In this month the Japanese people have the habit to "escape" out of Tokyo. The city will look empty, about 160 thousand restaurants were deserted.

The balloons were flown koi fish, forests appear green. When they returned to the city, the scenery around Kyoto and Hokkaido are filled with cherry blossoms (sakura flowers) were blooming. Enjoy the Hamani Party for sakura flowers begin to bloom.

6. June: South Korea. Golf became penchant Koreans after Y.E. Which, Hazeldine PGA Championship won in 2009, beating the world's best golfer, Tiger Woods.

Seoul immediate in golf fever, in June to a peak! Celebrated international golf tournament to be held in 2015.

7. July: Tanzania and Kenya. Exotic country witnessed thousands of antelope and zebra migration across the Serengeti a very dry landscape and virgin nature.

Dry weather this month, but the match camped in the wilderness of Africa.

8. August: Canada. Pleasant temperatures in the city of Quebec, an average of 27 degrees Celsius.

400-year-old town with cobbled streets, quirky cafes and enjoy the free show from Cirque du Soleil to fireworks over Lawrence River.

9. September: South Africa. Natural beauty of Cape Town, the capital of South Africa. The flowers are blooming, and the view of the ocean offshore along the eye could see. Ah, just maybe you're lucky to see a whale in there!

Recommendation: The right time for anyone, because the price will be competitive. Not a peak season so accommodation and plane tickets were stay cheaper.

10. October: Germany. Autumn in Munich, Germany, the weather was cool about 16 celcius. Moreover, in this special month? Oktoberfest! Beer party in celebration of Oktoberfest in Munich.

Bavarian Oktoberfest is the original. The event is already under the way on 21 September to 6 October 2013.

Book in a six months to a year prior to this event! Mandatory in order to get a seat.

11. November: Australia. This is the time for this city, Sydney, Australia. Cities with more than 50 beaches to swim right away, even though the weather was quite hot. Bring sunscreen to face the hot weather.

In November have not gotten into the solid end visits, hotel room rates and airline tickets at affordable prices.

12. December: UK. Winter with giant Fir Tree was imported from Norway to London in Trafalgar Square.

Recommendation: Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland, Christmas decoration lights in shops in London, England. Christmas is always a special moment in London. Merry lights, ice skating, and enjoy Christmas songs from the choir at Westminster Abbey.

All the fun experience and bring an unique passion!

(Source CNNGo, F Prawitasari - travelKompas /Images Riri Gurning, Veronica Saver)


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