The rickshaw in Yogyakarta is always exciting!

Once you're walking around in the city, the air is a bit warm, tropical climate is characteristic of this city. The town is known as the city that holds many cultural track record, even seeking culinary specialties to be one fun activity here.

There are interesting things when you are there, the view of the local transport, a rickshaw ("becak" in local terms). Becak transportation have become part of the economic system of Yogyakarta, said the representatives of this region tourist area, Yogyakarta Governor - Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X.

"Rickshaws not only entered the realm of transportation, but rather than a role as supporting the economy of Yogyakarta on the chain of mutual benefit local economies," said the Sultan in Yogyakarta, yesterday. some time ago at the beginning of November 2012.

Non-motorized modes of transportation, said the Sultan, has been able to support the attraction of foreign tourists in Yogyakarta so influential on the course of the economy.

Pedicab or rickshaw closely related to the hawker crafts and tourism objects in Yogyakarta, the rickshaw passengers not just to enjoy the beauty of the city but also learn to understand the wisdom of the people of Yogyakarta which is reflected in the slogans written on the back of a rickshaw.

Sure to be fun when you are in this city, rickshaw drivers can maintain a good service culture, strengthened the rickshaw as cultural and tourism assets.

(Source Antara, travelKompas, Andre Syahputra - Yogyakarta /Image Andika)


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