Package Tour "Live in Dieng" attract the attention of tourists

Travelers afraid to enter the area since the status Dieng Crater Weigh increased from normal to alert status on Monday, March 11, 2013. Local people immediately think creatively with the latest deals on tour packages and actively informing in detail the situation in that region.

Packages tour 'Live in Dieng' becomes the solution. The role of the mass media also helps information that the area affected is not vigilant in the Dieng Plateau in general.

Indeed, there is some potential travelers who had hesitated to come to Dieng, they canceled a planned visit. But with the onslaught of information and package tour "Live in Dieng" tourists coming to help increase gradually returned to normal.

Package tour "Live in Rural Tourism Dieng Kulon" duration was divided into two, namely the one day tour and two day tour. Form of cultural tourism to know the art and culture of Dieng, outbound agro to get around on the Dieng farm and livestock specialties, Dieng typical learning batik wood, culinary tours, mountain tracking or roam the Pangonan hills and Lake Semurup and enjoy the sunrise in Sikunir, educational tours by visiting geothermal as well as historical and archaeological study, and spiritual tourism.

Dieng art and culture tour material enough attract the tourists because in addition served various arts attractions, they also can dialogue directly with customs communities (“adat istiadat”) and the famous of Dieng children dreadlocked.

The occupancy rate at the homestay tourism area of Dieng Plateau which contains about 90 percent since Friday, March 29, 2013 of the total number of homestay in the village of Dieng Kulon to reach 67 units.

Tourism in Dieng is unique in terms of the cultural environment, the mountainous nature and customs of local people.

(Source Antara, travelKompas /Image Veronica Saver)


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