The increase of online travel search in 2013

According to a seminar that took place at a hotel in Jakarta on Wednesday, March 27, 2013, the Head of Travel, Google Indonesia, Henky Prihatna says "The searching of the travel information such as airlines, hotels and tourist destination on Google search increased about 2 million per day."

He also said that the search is unique mostly mobile users, reaching 27 percent of all searches on the Google search. Means 1 of 4 search on Google is a mobile user.

Trends people to use the gadget continue to increase. Of course the use of the internet via mobile devices tend to be easy and practical. This has been seen since five years ago, the online travel search on Google in Indonesia increased by 50 times. For example, information search of flights, hotels, and tourist destinations.

In the future trend of online search primarily through mobile devices could reach nearly 100 percent, even though the traditional offline services also continue to provide services appropriate buyer segments.

Offline services also has its own place because that not all service users have a credit card or other online payment tools. But the trend of the future will astonish with their development of new more flexible payment tools.

(Source F Prawitasari, travelKompas, Google Travel /Image F Benjamin)


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