The "Food & Hotel Indonesia 2013" with a variety of culinary

Lively exhibition with a dish of food, beverage and hotel, has opened to the public starting on April 10 to 13, 2013, an exhibition of food/culinary that we usually found in the restaurant and hotels as well as to promote 30 Indonesian culinary icon.

As said by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sapta Nirwandar in JIEXPO Kemayoran, Wednesday, April 10, 2013 after the opening ceremony, "Food is an important part of tourism. Tourism would not be complete without food."

The exhibition was followed by 1300 participants from 39 countries, such as Australia, Brazil, USA, Italy, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Singapore and Korea.

Various types of cuisine are available especially in restaurants or hotels especially for a 5 star hotel. We will see how the presentation of dishes with special wine for the world-class food.

Not only exhibition, but there are also competitions and cooking demonstrations. As expressed by President of Association Of Culinary professionals (ACP), Vindex Tengker will perform culinary competition by a professional chef and barista competitions.

Special to the barista competition, for the contestant that able to win the competition, they will follow the worldwide competition in Melbourne, Autralia.

Do not worry when you are there, typical food and fun, the fried rice will be available with a variety of unique creations and blend of flavors.

(Source F Prawitasari, travelKompas, Dhika Permana /Image E Priyatna)


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