Avoid this in the hotel room

When you traveled and chose to stay in a hotel, whether it's five-star hotel or not, some things need to be considered and avoided.

Valuables stuff. Do not carelessly put stuff like earrings or wristwatch, or other valuables. Better you store these valuables goods in the safe deposit box.

Better put it on the table room, especially when the goods are often used.

Remote control. From some research, it seems that the dirtiest thing in a hotel room is remote control. Used to clean it with wet wipes alcohol given. Or covering them with a tissue.

Room number. By any consideration, avoiding mention your room number, especially with strangers or people you just met. Keep it secret!

If you still want to to tell someone, friend, should be written in a tissue paper or something. Avoid your hotel or your hotel room as the location of the meeting.

Water faucet. Avoid drinking tap water, even if you are in the star hotel. Should be better avoid this.

Mineral bottled water will be available in the room, you can also use the water heater in the hotel rooms. First thing to do is wash the water heater that to be used.

Door. First use the peephole in the door, before you are sure to open the door.

People often unconsciously opened the door when the bell rings or when there was a knock on the door. Especially if the person said that he is the housekeeping or room service. Convince yourself who is behind the door, if necessary, and also put the door chain lock.

Minibar. If you are not prepared to pay for a snack and drinks in the minibar, preferably far away from the minibar.

Some hotels are now installing a motion detection sensor in the minibar, so you can be billed when doing activities to replace existing drinks. Ask for it from the first day in order to lock the minibar. If you want to treat as a store minibar/fridge, tell this to the hotel management.

(Various sources, travelKompas /Image Santika Belitung Hotel)


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