Back to the Old Time, the Old Town of Jakarta

Thus delivered by some foreign tourists who are walking around in this area, they are mostly from the Netherlands and a few more from other countries.

Not hard to find groups of tourists in the region, even some of them have known about this region as one of the main points of interest when they are in Jakarta.

Citing an article in travelKompas, a tourist from Holland - Fred, who was in front of the Jakarta History Museum (Museum Sejarah Jakarta), Tuesday, April 16, 2013, said, "Yes here a lot of good photo spots, the buildings are also unique, ancient building used to be a time while the Dutch were here, because I came from the Netherlands," he said.

In this area is also very easy to meet travelers who want to rent an “onthel” bicycle (the old model bicycle), most of the tourists who visit here are tourists from Europe. Although other travelers can also be found, such as Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA.

They love to enjoy the atmosphere of the past, back to the past. Witnessing the ancient buildings, tourists also visit the museum around it, such as the Jakarta History Museum, Mandiri Museum, Port of Sunda Kelapa, Kali Besar region, Fatahillah Square and so on.

Back to a time ever so enchanting and save a lot of interesting stories and decent.

(Source F Prawitasari - travelKompas, P Widi Hatmi /Image Prima Widi Hatmi)


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