Chinese Travelers love shopping

China does continue to grow forward and we don’t know the future, as well as in other aspects related to the development of this country. There it stands out of UNWTO concern - United Nations World Tourism Organisation, that a surge in the number of Chinese tourists who travel to a country of destination.

In line with the surge in the number of Chinese tourists, it was noted then that tourists from China are the biggest spenders tourist shopping in the world tourism.

Of note during the year 2012 UNWTO reported on tourists from China is able to issue 102 billion USD while traveling out of the country. Evident throughout the year 2012 there was an increase their travel spending by 40 percent, higher than the previous year far above tourists from Germany and the United States.

As noted above, China continues to grow and do not be surprised if we see an increase in wealth (income) followed with a variety of policies that loosened restrictions on travel abroad and strengthening the Yuan exchange rate.

Citing an article from the BBC Indonesia, UNWTO Secretary General Taleb Rifai said, "Developing countries continue to lead the growth in the tourism industry."

Besides China, the tourists from Russia also increased by 32 percent to 43 billion USD, rose to number five of the previous seven.

"Increased spending tourists from China and Russia describes the development of the tourism market of the two countries, which will continue to change the world tourism map," he said.

Figures happen of course shocking, isn’t it? Chinese Travelers are very fond of shopping while they are in the tourist destination country. It is certainly a new development for the tourism world.

Maybe one day they come to your place, they will be spending a lot souvenir to their relatives in their country homes. Cool!

(Source BBC Indonesia, Kompas /Image Wetty Sjahran)


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