Mid-year Travel to Wakatobi

This group of island is surrounded by sea and composed of four larger islands, the island of Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko. There was something attractive to the tourists that comes from various countries to this islands, its beautiful scenery and some of the most beautiful diving spots locations ever with unique coral reefs and a variety of fish in it.

If you are attracted to come this region, do not worry about the transportation to get there. There are regular flights from Jakarta to Makassar, then continued to Kendari three times a week, ie Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

And the best time to follow the seasons and the weather, preferably around the month of July-August this year - in 2013, because the weather is bright and sunny.

It is attracted also watching the event "Sail Wakatobi" and if you are lucky can enjoy the festive event of sea community people in Festival Bajo.

There is a tour guide from this place, he is present at an exhibition "Deep and Extreme Indonesia", Thursday, April 4, 2013 in Jakarta, Andi, citing news from Kompas.com said that the prominent tourist there is a spectacular marine tourism.

If you want to dive to many exotic places around the islands, this is the right place in mid year. There's no doubt about it. Witnessed various forms of unique coral reefs, as well as the choice of the entourage visited the village on the ocean inhabited by a sea people, the Bajo tribe.

(Source F Prawitasari, travelKompas /Image Nefo Ginting)


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