Dubai Miracle Garden - Gardens in the Desert

You will be amazed at a desert, apparently attended a beautiful flower garden. Just believe it! A garden named Dubai Miracle Garden, no less than 45 million flowers, various shapes and sizes a series of unusual flowering plants, do not be surprised if the place is crowded with visitors, mostly families or couples.

A travel writer who settled in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Asih Wulansari, write her deep impression about this country.

She has settled approximately six years there, always amazed to see the United Arab Emirates, which is always building something different. The perfect city if you are a dynamic person and prefer finding new things.

When entering the flower garden, after paying the entrance fee of 20 dirhams, visitors are greeted by a series of symbol-shaped flowers United Arab Emirates. Then visitors will pass through a series of shaded heart-shaped arch. Even when you walk a little further inward, formed a pyramid of flowers and peacock-shaped flowers.

There are unique things while on the umbrella-shaded walkways colorful as the roof, flower fragrance in the air was rushing around. Comfortable once!

Like a beautiful flower garden is in fairyland. Seemed to go in style rabbit hole story "Alice in Wonderland", said Asih.

(Source Asih Wulansari - Dubai, travelKompas /Image Dubai Miracle Garden)


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