Mentawai International Pro Surf Competition 2013

Mentawai Islands is worth implementing this annual competition, since these islands have a lot of surfing spot in the whole sea area. It is certainly agreed upon by the surfer from various countries who know this area.

They say that in this area there are more than 70 points surfing spot throughout the Mentawai Islands. The surfer agreed that the islands in the Mentawai perhaps has the best surfing spot, that might be equated as wild waves in the Hawaiian Islands.

With their surfing spots, each year in the Mentawai held the events of surfing competitions the "Mentawai Surf Pro International Competition" organized by the association of surfing in Asia, Asian Surf Competition (ASC).

Implementation of these activities will be held on 21 to 29 April 2013 in the southern part of the island of Sipora precisely at Lances Right, Katiet. This region has been known as one of the best surfing spots in the world, and welcomed with enthusiasm.

Competition lively with the presence of less than 43 surfers in Asia, Australia, America, Europe and local surfers from Mentawai surfing community.

Your presence would be more complete if you enjoy the natural beauty of the earth of Sikerei, unique Mentawai and enjoy the enticing waves roll.

(Source Antara, Ministry of Tourism, travelKompas /Image Wikipedia)


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