Underwater rooms at The Manta Resort

Do you want to feel the sensation of a stay under water? Yes, this is a further creation of Swedish artist Mikael Genberg. He created a floating hotel structure Utter Inn, in Lake Malaren, Sweden, and the idea continues in this region.

It's very unique and surprising all the pores of the body, please come to The Manta Resort that located on Zanzibar Islands, Tanzania, which offers all the sensation that does not exist in the mainland.

We will be on the area located 250 meters from the beach in the Indian Ocean, an unusual design of the room. Each room is flanked by eight windows under water and above it there is room to bask in the sun of the ocean.

Adventuring and sensational while watching the beauty under the sea scenery, dazzling spotlights, we can be telescoped the underwater life at the depth of 4 meters. That can be fascinating. Anchor structures immersed in the vast open sea waters of Kwanini Pemba, Zanzibar.

Look at the room window, little fish passing by, the trumpet fish, squid, and octopus mingle in the evenings. The area is also equipped with the villas on the beach - Seafront Villas with the cost of 450 USD per night.

Travelers who are interested in this area, deserve grateful to the building designer, Mikael Genberg, especially the locations in the more challenging sea waters, off the coast of Pemba in the form of "blue hole". In a circular coral reef, measuring 50 meters in diameter.

Of course a lot people who enthusiasts to feel the sensation, since it opened on November 1, 2013, in the resort area with an underwater room and 17 room units cost 1500 USD and also offer the price of the package for 7 and 10 days.

If you are attracted to this area, choose the best time to visit in “low season” from March 1 to June 30, 2014, with 20% discount as a great time enjoying the beauty of the blue charm vast ocean.

(Source Manta Resort, BBC.co.uk, travelKompas /Images The Manta Resort)


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