The Utter Inn, the hotel with one room - Part 4

It’s really special looking for the hotel with facilities like this, one room hotel. Is it possible? Soon the people have their questions.

A place that might be far enough if look for the world map, try walking into this country. Sweden.

The Utter Inn, maybe there is an experience to be obtained, in a place with very cold weather is in the middle of a lake. As they say an underwater room in a Swedish lake near Stockholm, an art project by Mikael Genberg.

Rooms are available only one room, of course! But also providing a double bed. Room size is only 25 square meters.

The room is divided into two rooms bulkhead, the rooms are located on the Lake Malaren and partly under water.

For guests who wish to stay there, then you need to pay about 1100 Swedish Krona per night stay.

Stay in the middle of the lake? Ah, this is very special, feel the lake breeze, gently wipe your face. Imagine a romantic accompanying events.

It must be special!

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(Source NL Made Pertiwi - travelKompas, wikipedia /Image wikipedia)


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