Asian charm in Myanmar - Part 1

The City of Bagan​​

Here's an interesting journey undertaken by a female journalist from a media in Jakarta, Fira Abdurachman about his trip to Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

At first there is a sense of doubt when reach this country, the city of Bagan, the land of Burma that is now the country of Myanmar. All looks so simple and humble, far from the modern impression. Almost no cars and buses passing by, they just use the bike as a means of personal transportation, or walk if it isn't too far away.

Traditional atmosphere, local people dressed in typical long-yi, their faces wipe with traditional cold powder, chewing betel. Atmosphere that feels soft, slow movements with no busy avtivity, they look friendly and honest.

Look at how the journalists communicate with the taxi drivers, they are classified as the most honest driver that ever met in the world. They meant it to find the address we were looking for. He got out of the car and asked if lost, they are honest and do not cheat the price for the tourists.

Tourists feel safe when they leave the bike on the sidewalk, while enjoying the pagodas or temples in Bagan region. Their bikes were not lost even without a key. A thing that was unimaginable in the modern society.

Local communities adherents of Buddhism, which have great respect religion, does no harm to any human being.

They seemed cool and lazy smile, what happens then? Turns out they are open and happy to help anyone who comes into their town.

Continued to Part 2 ...

(Source Fira Abdurachman - travelKompas, JM Abdulrahman - Yangon /Image wikipedia)


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