The One Hotel Angkor, the hotel with one room - Part 3

Pretty much travel, hotel with one room in the city of Eenrum, the Netherlands. What if we move forward into another country, may see the same thing.

This time the one-room hotel facilities located in Southeast Asia, precisely in Cambodia.

The One Hotel Angkor, a hotel with a room facilities for guests who wish to obtain a special experience. Room facilities are available in the form of a suite rooms.

Just believe, this is not a regular room, but extraordinary. Luxury amenities, the rooms with king-size beds, iBook and iPod, and the data screen 32 inch television.

There's more, private patio equipped with a jacuzzi. A romantic feel to be built in this room, with the sound system inside and outside the room and a private dining room.

You will get all the experience that may only be available on the madness of imagination.

Stay even for one night only, may all your dreams can come true there. You bet!

Continued to Part 4 ...

(Source NL Made Pertiwi - travelKompas /Image of The One Hotel Angkor - Cambodia)


  1. The interiors of these hotel is real mesmerizing and amazing with lovely furnishings similar to the midtown Manhattan extended stay hotels with the luxurious interiors.


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