Hypnotize by Indochina’s Oasis

By Indira Permanasari

Here 'the first part' of an article trip written by a female journalist in a media in Jakarta - Indonesia, "Kompas" June 18, 2013 - originally one article entitled "Hypnotize by Indochina’s Oasis". An interesting trip to Vietnam, hope you like to read it!


In Indochina, the soul dissolves in nature. Hypnotized by the Ho hoan kiem Lake that soothing the city, the beauty of the Ngo Dong River bank, and the lively puppets dancing on the water.

Hanoi, City of Thousand Lakes. Does not mean there is even a thousand lakes in the city that built by the French colonial on the marsh wetlands and lakes. There is several large lakes which became an oasis in the complicated Hanoi traffic. There Thien Quang Lake, True Bach, Dong Da, Tay (West Lake), and of course Hoan Kiem, the target of the tourists.

Last May, northern Vietnam into the summer. The sun has burned the city. "Some of these days, the temperature can be up to 42 degrees Celsius," said Hizkia (28), a resident of Indonesia, which has a year living in Hanoi. On the banks park of Hoan Kiem Lake, people linger, far from the hubbub of the city. The views were "swimming" in the middle trace of red bridge lake and the mystical aura spread from the Turtle Tower.

Said that, in the 15th century, Emperor Le Thai To was awarded a sword by the turtles who living in the lake to help repel the invaders of his country. One day, while sailing on the lake, a large turtle appeared again. Soon the king drew his sword and pointed it at the creature. The turtle immediately caught the sword with its mouth and dive into the depth of the water. Finally, the king realized the sword was a god loans to repel the enemy, but now Vietnam is free, the sword must be returned. King Le Thai then named that lake Ho Hoan Kiem or the "Returned Sword Lake." According to legend, the turtle was then still inhabit and live there in the lake, said Hizkia.

Indeed, the lake was part of the Red River and form a deep swamp. Most of the Hanoi area was once a lake with "small islands" in the middle, swamps and wetlands. Until then French drain the area in the 19th century. That was written on my handbook trip, “Insight Hanoi and Northern Vietnam” published by Discovery Channel.

Continued to Part 2 ...

(Source I Permanasari - travelKompas /Image wikipedia)


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