French-style buildings

By Indira Permanasari

Here 'the second part’ of an article trip written by a female journalist in a media in Jakarta - Indonesia, "Kompas" June 18, 2013 - entitled "Hypnotize by Indochina’s Oasis". An interesting trip to Vietnam, hope you like it!


France which began to dominate northern Vietnam in 1883 was obsessed with the French-Indochina (now Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos) with Hanoi as its capital. Wetlands, swamps, and lakes with insanely dried for the sake of street boulevards and European-style buildings that still set its trace in Hanoi.

Evening sun slowly consumed by twilight. Banks of the lake increasingly crowded, like a piece of lives stage of peoples of Hanoi. There is a pair of lovers contemplating their reflection in the water, the people running or simple gym lifting weights exercising in the lakeside, some of dazed tourists enjoying the beauty, and the old merchants peddle fruit in a winnowing tray.

"In Hanoi, there is rarely a beggar. They work, even though only trade a tray or a pot of food. Young and old," said Hizkia.

The rest of the afternoon still leaves the heat and humid filled with walking and take a look some part of the Old Quarter near the lake.

Old Quarter present since the 13th century and now inhabited by the thousands of merchants. Narrow three-story house extends upward with a small courtyard, part of the view of Old Quarter. In the old days, taxing landlords to the shop based on land base area. Not surprisingly, the building became so narrow. Partly influenced by the French style buildings with balconies overlooking the street.

Continued to Part 3 …

(Source I Permanasari – travelKompas /Image wikipedia)


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