”Hypnotized” by Tam Coc

By Indira Permanasari

Here 'the fourth part’ of an article trip written by a female journalist in a media in Jakarta - Indonesia, "Kompas" June 18, 2013 - entitled "Hypnotize by Indochina’s Oasis". An interesting trip to Vietnam, hope you like it!


Another day, in Tam Coc, then I am truly a "drift" of water flow. Tam Coc around 45 minutes from downtown Hanoi with four-wheel drive. The river was packed into a tourist attraction. Foot boat rowed by women from the surrounding villages, bringing tourists enjoy the beauty of the old rock formations. Colorful umbrella developed to protect the skin from the heat as the mushrooms on the surface of the water.

The sound of a paddle boat, scattered through the "mountain" on the surface of the limestone area of ​​wet rice fields flooded of Ngo Dong River. Geological formations similar to Halong Bay, Tam Coc making can be considered as Halong Bay on land. The boat carrying tourists snaking order to enjoy the sensation of a giant limestone from near. Body felt so small next to "the mountains" giant limestone.

Tam Coc means three caves. And, sure enough. Two boats carrying tourists and one boater was swiftly through the darkness a narrow cave passage with stalagnites and stalactites.

Once escaped from the dark "hallway", bright sunlight that struck the river ripples, green rice farmers on the banks of rivers, and limestone mountains as presented freedom and life. Bringing the soul with nature.

In Indochina I was "hypnotized"...

The End.

(Source I Permanasari – travelKompas /Image Lucy Pandjaitan)


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