Sawarna, seaside village with a tempestuous ocean

A picturesque village that invites the presence of tourists, for anyone who likes adventure. Difficult access is not to be an obstacle for them. For tourists who have been to this village beaches, they are amazed with the atmosphere presented.

The natural beauty of the village in Lebak regency, Banten is capable of dazzling, Sawarna Village that has sea borders with the stunning panoramic of Indian Ocean views of the coast.

Complete dish for tourists, look at the sunset at Manuk Island and sunrise at Legon Pari, while swimming at the shallow sea water beach.

Tourist attractions of interest to visit, Legon Pari Beach, Manuk Island, Tanjung Layar, Ciantir Beach, and along the depth of Lalai Cave.

Holidays have arrived, if you want the adventure, prepare physically in a long journey towards the Sawarna Village. The coastal village with outstanding ocean waves.

(Source Manu Kretyawan, F Prawitasari - travelKompas /Image Manu Kretyawan)


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