Historical museums in Jakarta Old Town

During this time when the debate about the Old Town area is always about Fatahillah Square and History Museum, because this icon both is the core of the Old Town region.

"If asked the Old Town where the hell's the point? In Fatahillah Square and History Museum. Arguably this area is the epicentrum, the core zone. Due to the garden and its city hall," said Dwi Gathut Hastoro, Head of Management Unit, the Old Town area, citing the kompas.com news.

According to him, the mention of Fatahillah Square is also not true, as Fatahillah is the name of the park in front of the museum and the street name to the location of the museum, which is at the Street of Taman Fatahillah No. 1.

When more closely, the tourists can find other buildings of interest, and it is a loss when you're there and do not give your time to visit it.

Jakarta History Museum flanked by museums are there in the Old Town area, look at the Puppet Museum which was once a church. Then on the other hand you can see the magnificent building, the Museum of Ceramics and Fine Arts, as well as in front of the museum there are the Post Office Building.

And about one block from the Jakarta History Museum is also a banking museum, the Museum of Bank Indonesia and Bank Mandiri Museum are located side by side.

Just a little longer, you can walk to the Street of Melaka No 7 - 9, Roa Malaka, a mini gallery, Gallery Melaka and the next building, the Maritime Museum and the Syahbandar Tower.

A past history, the buildings that comes with its own road, storing historical stories that bind each collection.

Interesting region lived on a sunny day. Of course!

(Source Hatmi PW, F Prawitasari - travelKompas /Image Prima Widi Hatmi)


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