Kurobe Gorge, the enchanting Japan's deepest canyon

The following article is sourced from a traveling trip conducted by a female journalist – Kistyarini. She so admired with her experiences in Japan, especially in a stunning canyon, Kurobe Gorge.

Indeed, this region gets the attention of the tourists and they know is a moment of autumn, when the leaves in the forests change color to orange and red in mid-October to mid-November each year.

No denying when the scene in Kurobe Gorge (Kurobe Kyōkoku) so amazingly beautiful, mountainous north is traversed Kurobe River, and deserve to be called as the deepest canyon in Japan. Watch the cliffs as if to challenge the spirit of adventure to climb.

Travelers have been prepared to reach this area, for example, in the middle of April through November is available Kurobe Gorge Railway for a distance of 20.1 kilometers in about 80 minutes, you will be spoiled beautiful canyon scenery on both sides of the train window.

Train slowly drove at a speed of 16 km per hour starting at station in Unazuki City, a town known for its hot springs. Pass through 21 bridges and 41 tunnels, interspersed with a very steep cliff. Spectacular!

When the body is getting tired, the journey has come to an end, arrive at the station Keyakidaira (600 meters above sea level). Get ready to enjoy the beauty of Kurobe region around, even when exiting the station, the warm place waiting - the hot spring pool, give the times that you can enjoy this special experience.

Kurobe Gorge does offer a different atmosphere. Enchanting!

(Source Kistyarini - travelKompas, Tubagus Af Atmaja - Japan /Image Japan Guide)


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