The Lonely “Gili Nanggu” but Tempting

Perhaps you are familiar with the island of Lombok and the charm of the two gili (dyke - the small island) which has a worldwide reputation, what else if not the great Gili Trawangan and the others, such as Gili Meno.

You've often enjoyed the charm of the evening lively with music on both the gili’s, pampered this tourist destination with the sound of music in the evenings, treat lovers of reggae, soul, funky and rock. Music is everywhere.

Well, what if you find another gili? Yes, there really a place that is not too far away, a gili that very quiet and looks private.

This place, Gili Nanggu, a small island that provides the beauty of the beach and surrounding areas is no less beautiful than the other bund.

Gili Nanggu is in Lombok Strait or on the west coast of the island of Lombok, located in the District of Senggigi, West Lombok regency. To reach this place through Port of Lembar which is about 27 miles, with the motor vehicle, and subsequent use of the boat or speedboat for 35 to 45 minutes.

Endless beautiful beaches in front of you, white sand and blue sea. Nature is very quiet, really quiet. It is suitable for couples who want to honeymoon. Sunset is the most beautiful moment in this small island of about 8 hectares.

Beautiful island with modern accommodation facilities, a variety of options with various facilities, ranging from watersports rides, jogging track, diving or snorkeling equipment that can be used by all the guest travelers.

Special area of the hidden and well worth a visit for those who want to keep away from the hustle of modern life. Awesome!

(Source B Kusuma, F Benjamin, travelKompas /Image Frank Benjamin - Gili Holidays)


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