Melbourne, the romantic and stylish cultured city

Once upon a time a Coda head chef (a famous restaurant and bar in Melbourne), Adam D'Sylva visited Jakarta in Victorian Tourism promotion activities themed “Melbourne Style”, last June, said that Melbourne is a city with a variety of culinary options, providing a wide food and beverage options to meet the different tastes of the world.

True, the city is romantic, stylish, and cosmopolitan European flavor, available welcomes your culinary tastes with cafes, boutiques, bars and restaurants. The town is ready to accept the presence of tourists as the birthplace of the city movies culture, Australian music, you also can exploring taste experiment and style.

Enjoy wine and a variety of coffee flavors not to be missed if you are there, you will be amazed to see the population of this city, they love experimenting with an unique personal style.

City with a diverse range of options, many independent boutique providing clothing choices from one boutique to another boutique in the shopping district lined. You can browse one by one in The Brunswick Street boutique and shop according to your personal taste.

"Style refers to appearances in Melbourne European style, notably London and Paris, they tend to like the black color, look stylish and classy," said Emily Ward, a fashion stylist, one of the Victorian tourism promotion group in Jakarta.

Decent city visited by tourists on various occasions, be prepared in the sense of adventure and style, diverse travel experiences available in a range in Melbourne, Victoria.

(Source Tourism Victoria, femaleKompas /Images Tourism Victoria)


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