Superman and funny stories in the Plane - Part 1

There's a lot funny stories experienced by passengers when they are in a traveling. A survey conducted by a Wego site tell the stories about this funny things.

Hundreds of passengers respondents recently revealed a number of ridiculous and fun events in the flight, even more entertaining than watching the movie inside the plane.

Do you have a story that can be delivered?

The tourists told of their experiences when meeting costumed passengers, who sitting next to them with a Superman costumes. Complete with its red underwear on a flight from Brisbane, Australia to Los Angeles, United States.

Another passenger met a female chicken costume complete with its wide "claw" while flying from Australia to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Then a conversation with a passenger next to a man's hand puppet. He was never once spoke to his original sound, but busy ramble through the hand puppet.

And the more crowded if you have your own experienced like this. A group of clowns who will be present at The Clown Meeting - Conference are wearing their costumes and full with the trumpet sounds! Theater singing group, the roads up and down the plane aisle while singing "No business like show business".

The actor apparently already in action since being on the plane. It's very festive!

You certainly do not expect get an experience like this. Maybe one day, on a trip, isn't it?

Continued to Part 2 ...

(Source travelKompas and other sources /Image wikipedia)


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