Sumbawa, the island for the tourism adventure

The island is three times larger than its neighbourhood island – Lombok (known earlier as a tourist destination), both are located in the province of West Nusa Tenggara. But the island of Sumbawa has a lot of other things.

If you want to experience an unique adventure in exotic nature, came to the savannah environment and see for yourself! Not only present in the wildlife there, but to be so interesting cultural attractions and watched the horse race in Kara Valley, in Lepadi Village.

Talking about nature in this islands, we immediately know some names, such as the popular Moyo Island located in this region, the Saleh Bay is the largest bay in Indonesia with a wealth of fish, seaweed, and pearl.

Mount Tambora is graceful in the distance the eye can see, being a tourism adventure when climbing a mountain that had previously erupted in 1851. Accessing these mountains through the Port Poto Tano continued overland trip to the mainland of Dompu.

Traveled to the mountains of adventure, an unforgettable experience in the tropical islands. Through some routes that opens.

(Source NL Made Pertiwi - travelKompas, Sumbawa Tourism Office /Image Harri Daryanto)


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