One Room Hotel - Part 1

This is a rare occasion indeed when you have it. You be the only guests at the hotel and a motto that says "Guest is the King" became a reality.

Of course there are those interested to try it. How about you?

A place in Prague, Czech - the television tower called Tower Park Prague became one of the hotel with one room.

Hotel with one room? Immediately comes to mind, the hotel is always synonymous with the hotel building with a lot of rooms?

Apparently the television tower has been reconstructed in such a way, one of the cabins in the tower converted into a 5 star hotel with only one room which was very exclusive.

Located at an altitude of 70 meters above ground level, digital audio-visual equipment. Luxurious atmosphere in the hotel room, and believe me you will be pampered with a view of Prague city from the heights.

Further with a special designed bathroom glass walls. What the most of the travelers opinion about this?

Are you interested?

Let’s find another one room hotel (Part 2) in another country.

(Source One Room Hotel - Prague, travelKompas /Image One Room Hotel Prague)


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