Bandaneira, Heaven in the East - Part 3

Bandaneira markets and Other Places

Step your foot and immediately looked around, out of the culture life of Bandaneira, a walk to Bandaneira markets, where transactions take place between ship passengers and locals. As if the life back shine to this region.

Not far from there appears yellowish Kelenteng (the Chinese Temple). Sun Tien Kong Kelenteng means Homes Act of God.

Approximately 300 year-old temple was founded by the Chinese people. According to a VOC regulatory - JS Wurffbain German nationality, the building had been there for that times.

The 17th century temples stood there near the wine tavern, where sea peoples met. The temples currently looking fragile, so lonely and far from care.

Bandaneira does give an aura of its own, give it time as it passes through the exile house of Bung Hatta - Indonesia's independence leaders. Condition of exile is still well-preserved houses. Heritage objects and tables and chairs give the place when he once taught classes. Some past pictures hanging on the wall.

Bandaneira is deserted. Life still goes, this is heaven in eastern Indonesia. Although even now as the new inspiration, the more crowded visited by tourists, especially from Europe.

An area that had reached the golden age and now comes in a new face, calling for the others who come.

Continued to Part 4 ...

(Source I Made Asdhiana – travelKompas, L Pandjaitan /Images L Pandjaitan)


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