Highest pagoda in Indonesia - Pagoda Lumbini Park

A friend who recently completed a year-end holidays in a place in North Sumatra, sending an interesting picture. A golden pagoda surrounded by beautiful gardens follow natural contours, a regional cool air and airy.

When you go to Indonesia may have known some spectacular work from the past in this country, we may know the Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple or Garuda Wisnu Kencana in Bali.

Well, big golden pagoda to be special is in the 3 hectares tourist area, take the time to come to Lumbini Natural Parks. Here there are the highest and most beautiful pagoda in this island country.

It is on top of a hill in the Village of Tongkoh, Berastagi, North Sumatra, a magnificent pagoda, Pagoda Lumbini Natural Park is covered with bright gold paint. The building is very spacious and large, you will be amazed as you walk around the pagoda buildings.

The golden Pagoda Lumbini Park make it look grand and luxurious. At the bottom there is a bracelet of gold ornaments and four medium-sized Buddha space in the middle facing the four sides of the room, and at the midline used as the location for visitors who want to pray.

Do not be surprised if there also stands a magnificent Buddhist temple, a replica of the Pagoda Shwedagon, Myanmar.

How to reach this place? Of course you need to visit North Sumatra first, precisely through the city of Medan. Pagoda Lumbini Natural Park can be reached by car for long trips around 2-3 hours. Maybe one day you there.

(Source B Kusuma, travelKompas, N Ginting - Brastagi /Image N Ginting)


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