How to Get Cheap Tickets?

Year end holiday is over, the more experience you get. From the experience there is certainly worthy tips shared, so you are getting tickets as per your expectations.

An interesting article that is submitted on a travel site that deserves attention, tips on how to obtain cheap promo tickets.

1. Airline promo tickets. Note the time that the promo will be offered by the airline primarily offers through online services via the website, given the surge in internet users.

These online services usually start at 00:00 midnight, even before the early morning, sometimes at 05.00 is over. Prepare also ID card and credit card is usually required when making payment.

2. Buying from a few months earlier. How prevalent money at least 3-6 months before departure. Flight tickets through online can even be very low, reaching 10-30 percent. If you are lucky discounts of 50-70 percent.

3. Looking for a specific purpose in a travel agent. For certain purposes when making a purchase through a travel agent, for example distant destinations, such as the United States or Europe even cheaper. They even gave ticket promo for world -class airline.

4. Trying common carrier airline. Sometimes it is more common airline give cheaper tickets at the time you buy it in a hurry. In the low-cost airline, passenger fares are subject to price plus luggage, plus insurance, plus eat on the plane, plus more if you want to buy a seat number. Often the price will be only a little difference with the common carrier airlines. Prospective passengers should be more careful.

Airline tickets to fly with the common carrier airlines is much more comfortable and full entertainment facilities.

5. Trying promo tickets from other countries. For example, the destination from and to Singapore and Malaysia can be cheaper than from and to Indonesia. The consideration of these two countries visa-free, and many offer cheap tickets for other overseas destinations.

6. Check every newsletters from the airlines. Via email, or social media, such as G+, facebook and twitter. Information through social media will be of much use to give cheap ticket information.

7. Avoid booking/ticket purchase on peak season. This is the difficult search, only if you're lucky. New year holiday season and Christmas, Eid, long vacation schedules of school children, and others almost all ticket prices will soar.

Source: travelKompas, N Ginting - KL
Image: Air New Zealand


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