10 Most Expensive Travel Destinations for 2014

Although a report compiled by the Post Office which was later quoted by the Daily Mail, provides an overview of tourist destinations, said that Singapore is one of the expensive tourist destination for tourists from the UK, does not mean the country is not a favorite for tourists.

A friend uploaded a photo on a social media site, how the crowd in that island country. The picture actually shows a laser show in Marina Bay Sands which represents the interest of tourists to simply unwind in the surrounding area.

Post Office reports that in addition to providing information expenses of 44 tourist destinations tourist sites surveyed in the cheapest locations, and also the most expensive tourist destinations with multiple criteria, such as the calculation of vacation packages in the form of three meals for two people, a glass of beer or wine, and purchase moisturizing sunscreen, cigarettes, and mineral water.

Here are the top 10 most expensive destinations for 2014:

1. Auckland, New Zealand £115.06
2. Darwin, Australia £113.06
3. China Town, Singapore £108.22
4. Beijing, China £103.76
5. Vancouver, Canada £89.77
6. Mauritius £89.62
7. Jumeirah, Dubai £87.34
8. Tamarindo, Costa Rica £86.99
9. Rodney Bay, St. Lucia £82.18
10. Sorrento, Italy £80.89

Similarly, for other tourist sites, although included in that category, does not mean reducing the tourists to enter tourist sites in planning their proficiency level.

(Source Dailymail, travelKompas, V Saver - Singapore /Image V Saver)


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