Travelling in the "Year of the Horse" in Indonesia

Atmosphere of the Chinese New Year celebration has been felt in many countries with a population of Chinese descent that reaches a fifth of the world population, the closer the day.

Temples around the country will be filled with people who pray welcomes the Chinese New Year and hope kindness surrounds throughout the year.

The change of the year which is also called the Imlek New Year with a new year according follows the naming of Chinese calendar, this year called the Year of the Horse Wood.

Well, tailored to "the year of the horse", there are various tourist attractions associated with horses in Indonesia can be found. Here some of them as found in article on a travel site.

Bendi in West Sumatra. In Padang and Bukittinggi, the mainstay of traditional transportation in this area is bendi. The bendi or horse carriage typical of West Sumatra similar to delman in Bandung and andong in Yogyakarta or Cidomo in Gili Trawangan, there are many in the city of Padang and Bukittinggi.

Enjoy this horse tour vehicles, walking around the city of Padang and Bukittinggi with bendi. Departing from Adityawarman Museum and headed to Padang Beach. Around the region of Siti Nurbaya Bridge. And when you in Bukittinggi, the area around the Clock Tower, and then to the birth place of Bung Hatta.

Horseback riding in Mount Bromo. Although public transportation is the jeep, but horseback riding is also an interesting experience. The journey usually starts from the parking lot to reach the stairs to the Bromo crater.

This horse ride rate start from Rp 20,000 to Rp 100,000 round-trip, depending on the distance traveled.

Horse Racing in Sumbawa. It is a tradition for local people called the "main jaran". You will be amazed at the jockey, they are children aged six to 12 years.

Highly skilled and daring gallop, took place during the dry season and housed in kerato or racetrack in the village Penyaring, Northern District of Moyo.

Pasola in West Sumba. Took place in West Sumba - Sumba Island, East Nusa Tenggara. Watch the battle of two villages will "fight" each other by way of a javelin throw on horseback, an ancient tradition that has turned into an annual event celebration of the harvest season.

They are sharp-tipped spears. As they rode on the horse, the javelin is thrown towards the opponent. And so on until someone stabbed by the javelin.

Interesting shows agility while traveling on an island which has its stunning beaches.

(Source Antara, travelKompas /Images M Kretyawan, V Saver)


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