Ciam Si forecast comes together with the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year just a few days away, people of Chinese descent will celebrate it in various places in the world. They will meet in kelenteng/temple or some place for worship. Chinese or Imlek New Year will arrive on January 31, 2014 (the year 2565 on the Chinese calendar).

Not surprisingly, we often see them perform worship using some sort of flat wood or thin bamboo slats, a typical ancient Chinese tradition, like a sort of thin blades of chopsticks. This thing called Ciam Si.

Ciam Si is used as a means to predict your life based on ancient poems. Perhaps you are interested in trying the Ciam Si. You will know your luck in this year, for example, family life, romance, marriage, couples, business and finance, job and carrier, health and others.

The sound of each blade sticks to the surface of the ciam si that has been given a number on its surface, when driven in a bamboo container rise the audible sounds, ... Just hear a gentle hypnotic sounds of the blades of these chopsticks, bamboo container whipped with a steady motion, gently.

Look closely, when someone or maybe you lifted up the head of the ciam si, and then time to pray for the moment. The blades of the ciam si shaken like dice, and the time will come out of the bamboo stems in a container. Jumped to the floor.

Well, it’s time for you to know. Soon find out how predictions about yourself in the coming year through matching numbers with paper contains forecasts. Interesting, isn’t it?

The celebration is near, let's visit to the kelenteng or places that become the center of celebrations. You can enjoy the atmosphere, colorful, versatile red everywhere, rows of lantern lights, sound fanfare of the Barong Say. You will love it!

(Source Ah Hui Chen, CC Ma, travelKompas /Images M Kretyawan)


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