International Seafood and Processing Expo 2014 in Nusa Dua

Although this event is implementation on November 2-5, 2014 a few months ahead, Bali again shows how the potential wealth of marine products in the Indonesian archipelago.

Deserves to be recognized that the Indonesian seafood is abundant, which is known as the raw material resources of fish, as well as quotations related news a tourist site Widiarti Artati statement from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs of Indonesia in Jakarta, November 27, 2013 ago.

Indonesian ocean which covers 5.8 million km2, has tremendous potential, in terms of trade and the sea results in terms of tourism. The abundance of marine products such as fish, shrimp and other marine animals of various types into a source of exports to Japan, China, Korea which is then processed into valuable high-protein foods.

An exhibition will be attended by approximately 200 booths of various manufacturers of marine products, will feature a variety of seafood and marine equipment associated with it. Located in Nusa Dua Convention Centre, Bali. The aim is to bring together buyers with providers of fishery products, locally and internationally.

"The more consuming seafood. This is the first international exhibition held seafood. We hope this will become a regular event," said Artati.

Good opportunity for tourist areas in Bali in this exhibition, considering Bali has been known as a tourist destination. Bali is strategic, draw from a variety of cultures and the sale value of tourism and easily accessible.

(Source Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, travelKompas, I Nyoman Suryawan /Image I Nyoman Suryawan)


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