Come On Be the Nice Travelers!

When the holiday season arrives as end of the year holidays, of all the preparation you will do. Being a tourist is fun, especially when the places that will be addressed very exotic.

But do not forget, sometimes our journey became a disaster for others around us, it isn’t fun?

An article in the Huffington Post is worth noting, as quoted from a tourist site, travelKompas interesting in their descriptions.

It is worth to read the following:

1. Always late. We must avoid as a fellow traveler who often come too late. All in groups be screwed.
Use alarm on your clock!

2. Talk a lot. It also is not very interesting as a travel companion.

Speak of interest to both parties, but not to disturb people around because it was too noisy.

3. Selfish. Of course people with personality like this would be avoided by a travel companion. In solo traveling, no matter if you feel selfish because all the decisions in your hands. Unlike when in a group, avoid this and do not force our will.

4. Luggage. Highly recommended carrying goods in moderation, without being a burden to other friends.

Be a very enjoyable trip, always present special travel experience when you attend a trip with friends.


(Source The Huffington Post, travelKompas, FH Siahaan - Hamburg /Image JE Sitompul)


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