7 Most Beautiful Beaches in Bali

This is a travel experience delivered by a travel photographer who wrote in a tourist site. The results are very interesting journey with a variety of unique experiences.

Bali is a beautiful island with a uniqueness culture fascinating travelers of various countries, if one day you walk along the beaches immediately feel the charm there. There's even a beach on the island is recognized worldwide as one of the best beaches in the world.

Here's the best beach by Barry Kusuma from all of his trips on the island of Bali, after visiting the beaches. It seems you can experience one day, isn't it?

The consideration is based on the criteria of the clean beach, the natural environment and also consideration of the completeness of its infrastructure.

1. Padangbai Beach. Located in Karangasem regency is known as a port and ferry crossing the Bali - Lombok.

Places of interest to fishermans and divers, marine life is still very well preserved, even though the current is very strong.

2. Amed and Tulamben Beach. Still in Karangasem regency, Amed and Tulamben Beach are adjacent beach with travel time 1.5-2 hours from Denpasar. Amed coast is still very natural and have not seen by the tourists here.

Tulamben beach is the beach of the diver with the remains of a sunken US warships and not too deep.

3. Lovina Beach. Located on the northern island of Bali, Buleleng regency. The unique character of its black sand on the beach. Famous beach with dolphins playing around the beach.

4. Dreamland Beach and surrounding areas. As far as the eye could see, the vast stretches of white sand and great views of the beauty coral reef on this beach.

Avoid visits to the beach during the rainy season. Beach with a view of serving surf sports enthusiasts.

5. Nusa Lembongan. The beach is located very close to Denpasar by speed boat or ship from Sanur. The beach surrounds the island with a wealth of seaweed cultivation.

6. Candi Dasa Beach. Travelling from Denpasar about 2 hours. Characteristic of the area around the beach is a Balinese culinary and witness the lives of the fishermen around the coast.

7. Beaches in Menjangan Island - West Bali. West coast regions of the island of Bali - Buleleng is where located West Bali National Park area and is suitable for diving and snorkeling activities.

The beaches are located on the island of Bali is unique, for those who love the sea life can be satisfying when they are here.

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