Tourist Falling from the Dock for Playing Social Media

Maybe because too eager to play the social media while answering a comment on her friend's status updates, a Taiwanese female travelers getting the disaster fell off a dock in the city of Melbourne, Australia.

The dock is located on St Kilda pier in Yarra River, Port Philip Bay on Monday night, December 16, 2013.

Of course this is to invite the attention of various parties, including the police, after being contacted by an eyewitness. They even had time to help the tourists by boat in 20 minutes.

Her body was found in a state of floating a few feet from the dock. Party helper then took her to the nearest hospital, police officer - Dean Kelly of the police force of water - said, she was in fine condition.

Citing the Australian Broadcasting Corp. news., Kelly said, "She's still in the water, floating with her spine down because she could not swim."

"She was still holding her cell phone and apologize... she said, 'I'm checking status updates on my phone and I fell'."

It becomes interesting when travelers still managed to play a social media when they are in a tourist destination. Maybe you do the same thing when in trip tours, isn't it?

(Source BBC Indonesia, travelKompas /Image wikipedia)


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