Artotel - Hotel with the Artistic Taste

Brand newest boutique hotel concept in Indonesia, with an offer of a thick -art atmosphere for their guests. When you walk into the various corners of the room, the parts of the hotel is the result of the work of the artist scratches.

Hotel it can parallel as a place for art channel provided by the owner.

You want to get there? Currently only 2 hotel of Artotel can be found in the town, on Jalan Dr. Soetomo, Surabaya and Jalan Sunda - Thamrin, Jakarta.

The idea is the presence of the owner desires to melt between business and pleasure, combining hospitality with art. This was conveyed by the owner, Erastus Radjimin.

"We hold the principle that art was never the same, no painter can paint the same painting. So we bring Artotel the different concept," he said, citing news from a tourist site.

One day you're in one of these cities, Artotel will give the feel of a different experience. Guests' needs are very specific, as well as their views when choosing the hotel.

Art has always spoken with a different way and its personal touch.

(Source travelKompas, Artotel - Surabaya /Image Artotel)


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