How Should Traveling Experience Happens?

A presentation seminar tour that lasted a few weeks ago in Jakarta, November 27, 2013, on the Indonesia Travel Experience and Distribution Summit (ITEDS) 2013 gave a profound message about how the best traveling should be.

A speaker from Japan, Masato Takamatsu, Managing Director & Chief Research Officer of the Japan Tourism Marketing, convey interesting things about the world of tourism, "Tourism in the future is how to create a real experience for tourists," he said.

If we wanted to see for ourself how travelers on tour, they want to experience the life of an activity of the communities where they visit. Could they be part of the community?

"Hospitality is the key to receive the tourists. Successful tourism relies on stakeholders in tourist areas such as local government, hotels, transportation, and local people," he added.

Travelers want to create a special experience, in Indonesia with its rich attractions, nature, culture, even tourists can feel like living as a local community.

Such as the life in Ubud, Bali, is very likely to bring a lot of experience, "real experience" in tourism. Uniqueness of rural community life of Ubud gives a different feeling, just the only one in that place.

Eventually travelers themselves decide, they present to a tourist sites, attractions and become a part of local life.

(Source ITEDS 2013, travelKompas /Image Ubud Village)


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