Romantic Weddings Tips in Travel Region

A newlyweds pair who chose a location in Sukawati, Bali island said in the desire to better recognize a tourist area to be one of their motives.

Another motive of course looking for a entirely new wedding location and has never been visited by both of them. Similarly, an excerpt from an article in a tourist site.

Some wedding organizers advise more or less similar, for example Yuli Lastrini, of Great Lotus Wedding Organizer in Bali, explaining, at least there are two things to consider.

There are other things that also need to be considered for the new couple, apart for them all the favorite tourist destinations certainly attract attention.

Here's a summary of considerations worthy of attention by those who will be the new bride.

1. Location. Options can be a wedding on the beach, garden, hotel, villa, and a chapel.
2. Costs. Say the budget for 40 people in the tourist area of Bali in range of USD 7000 included the wedding ceremony and reception. Costs can be adjusted based on the number of guests and the bride requests.
3. Research. Do a lot of research about the place and went to the place to be selected directly. View the pictures through the website nice and thorough carefully, so as not to be disappointed maybe its just the picture.
4. Wedding Organizer. Determine the kind and professional. Ask for recommendations from people we know.
5. Venue. Customize with Wedding Organizer who have been chosen.
6. Party Themes. Discuss with the parties associated with the event, as well as the concept of wedding event.

Of course in the end, the good preparation will provide an interesting and profound impression for all parties, wedding couple and guests in attendance.

(Source F Abdurachman, travelKompas /Image S Wisaksono)


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